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Bio Dynamic Fuel (Pty) Ltd is a South African owned and based company focused on the easy conversion of used cooking oil into useful biodiesel within the foods industry, thereby assisting business owners with significant savings, assisting the environment and reducing health risks arising from the overuse of cooking oil.

With continually rising fuel and energy costs plaguing businesses daily, owners have to invest in alternative energy sources and must strive to identify opportunities to reduce their operational costs, thus improving their commercial sustainability. We believe that recycling a readily available commodity such as used cooking oil into bio fuel, which can be used to cost effectively power aspects of their operation, makes complete commercial sense, whilst at the same time having a significantly positive impact on the environment.

The traditional centralised large refinery is the most efficient production model when refining millions of litres of crude oil, but when recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel why go to the expense of collecting the oil and then redistributing the finished fuel?

We have designed and industrialised a micro refinery, a little larger than a top-load washing machine that will convert any used cooking oil into biodiesel. The B-Tech 40 is a fully automated biodiesel processor that produces 40 litres of biodiesel from 40 litres of used cooking oil per cycle – with each cycle taking just 10 to 12 hours. The process is simple, fail-safe and uses the pre-packaged ready-to-use chemical treatment supplied by Bio-Dynamic Fuel.

Besides the significant cost savings for the business, the B-Tech 40 allows business owners to recycle what was previously a troublesome waste product, often ending up being sold into the informal sector, with serious health implications, or not being responsibly disposed of through the waste disposal systems. The B-Tech 40 system is a carbon neutral process, providing businesses with an added benefit of selling their accumulated carbon credits in due course as well.

Our B-Tech 40 Machine


Capable of Converting 40 liters of oil into biodiesel, automatically, in a day!